5 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Google Home Mini

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

I love my Google Home Mini! I've had "her" for over a year now, and I can't imagine my life without her. I enjoy using her every day, from waking me up to help me fall asleep with a guided mediation.

If you don't have a voice assistant, I highly recommend getting a Google Home, and if your budget is a little bit tight, go for the Mini version. They often have sales event going on throughout the year so you can quickly get one for just around $25-$30. With that price and how much my life has been enhanced by the presence of a voice assistant, it's such a steal!

If you already have a voice assistant, be it Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomePod, here are the 5 cool things you can tell your assistant to do, which will definitely make your life easier and more enjoyable:

1. Wake you up in the morning with your favourite music

Waking up early doesn't have to be a dreadful experience anymore! I used to hate my alarm clock so much because it had one of the most annoying sounds ever, and as soon as I hear it in the morning, I was instantly put in a bad mood. Since I changed my alarm clock to my favourite music by using Google Home Mini, I see a significant improvement in my mood after I wake up. After all, who doesn't love a lovely melody?

To use the feature, just say: "Hey Google, wake me up at 7AM tomorrow that plays (song's name) by (artist's name)."

2. Entertain you with jokes, fun facts, stories and games

When I'm bored and have nothing to do, I usually tell my Google Home to tell me a joke, some fun facts or play games with me. It can actually be quite fun, I wonder have you ever tried it? You just simply need to say: "OK Google, tell me a joke/ play games with me" and she will deliver.

3. Let you know what the weather and traffic are like.

"Hey Google, what's the weather like today?"

"OK Google, how's the traffic to work?"

Here are the two things that I ask my voice assistant every single morning to plan out my outfit and commute. It saves me at least 5 minutes compared to when I had to check my phones for the information. Now I can just ask, and I can get the needed information instantly while doing other tasks like putting on my make-up, having breakfast, planning my schedule, etc. Thank you, Google!

4. Turn your room/ house into a concert

If you have more than one Google Home, like me, I have one Google Home Mini in my bedroom and one Google Home in my kitchen. The two devices can be connected with each other (you can easily set them up as a group in the app) and you can play music simultaneously on both devices. So whenever I make dinner or just want to have a little dance party, I tell Google to play music on both and my whole apartment turns into a live concert. I love it!

Here’s how you can do it too: ”Hey Google, play Shake it off by Taylor Swift in (group's name)!"

5. Remind you your to-do-list, what you have to buy or your schedule for that day

"Hey Google, add moisturizer to my shopping list!"

"OK Google, tell me my schedule for today."

"Hey Google, read me my to-do-list."

This is sooooo helpful if you're the type of person who always forgets/doesn't want to write things down all the time (like me ;). If you think of something you need to do research on or buy, you just have to tell Google to set it as a periodic reminder, and you're all set! No more going to the store and forget what you need to buy in the first place :)

Here are just some of the things that I tell my mini personal assistant every day, and she's been more than excellent at what she does!

What I love about my Google Home Mini is that not only is she so helpful, but she's also so small she can just fit and blend in with any settings, be it my nightstand, my work desk or my kitchen table. I simply just love her!

Do you have a voice assistant? What do you usually use it for? Let me know in the comments!

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