What are Conscious Consumers?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

We’ve all heard that term before, ‘Conscious Consumers,’ if you’re not really familiar with it, it refers to people being mindful of their consumption and purchases to combat some of the negative effects of consumerism. Too serious right? I know. In simpler words, conscious consumers are literally being conscious about what you buy including food, clothes, products, etc. Being conscious means being aware of whats happening around you, especially in relation to the manufacturing and production of certain products.

Many of us see something nice, we try it, grab it, buy it… done. Very few actually care about how it got to the shelves, how it was manufactured, and whether it had any effects on the environment at any point throughout the process. Why would we care? It’s none of our business anyway!

Wait, but conscious consumers do actually care, hence they are ‘CONSCIOUS.’ Some might argue and say it’s just a trend or a fad, but even if it was, I’m all in for it. Why not contribute a bit to our society and environment by changing our shopping and consumption habits. I surely see improvements over the past couple of years as more people becoming conscious consumers, which gives me hope to believe that it’s more than just a trend but rather a movement.

The good part is that many big brands and corporations started to incorporate environmentally friendly behaviours into their practice by making use of sustainable material, recycling, or eliminating animal testing. Recently, I came across the “Conscious Collection” by H&M, after a bit of research, I got to find out that they are a member of the Better Cotton Initiatives, offering recycling programs to consumers to return clothes from any brand in-store. H&M was among the first to stock ‘Conscious Collection’ in its stores! So cool, right!

In the picture above, I’m rocking an H&M denim jacket from the Conscious Collection :D

Honestly, you’ll not only be looking good but feeling good too, knowing that you’re contributing to the environment and society by making little adjustments. Props to those brands for making the efforts to make fashion more sustainable and help our environment.

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