Fear vs. Courage - Which One Did You Choose Today?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

“Courage breeds courage, fear breeds fear.”

Each time a challenge comes up in our life, we can choose to either react with fear or take actions with courage.

One is passive, the other is active.

One assumes little control over the situation, the other commands control over what we can do.

One sets you back, the other moves you forward.

One makes your life contract, the other helps expand it.

Over time the decision that you make add up and affect your life for the better or for worse.

So, let’s say that you are put forward for a promotion, if you think you’re not ready or not good enough, you let fear take over and choose not to go for it.

That in and of itself is not a make or break in your career. But the issue with fear is that the more we act in line with fear, the more fearful we become and the less able we feel to take healthy risks in our life.

“The more we act in line with fear, the more fearful we become and the less able we feel to take healthy risks in our life.”

After that promotion, another opportunity may come up to do a presentation at a conference, and this time you think: “Well I didn’t go for that promotion last time, I’m feeling less confident in myself, and maybe it’s better just not to do it altogether.”

Thus, you can see that that one choice leads to many subsequent choices that are fuelled by fear.

On the other hand, if you choose to act with courage and go for that promotion despite the fear, when you’re asked to do the presentation or some other challenges come up, you then think: “Well I went for that promotion, I put myself out there, I feel more confident in myself now, so maybe I can do the same thing again here”.

When we act in line with fear, our lives contract and we might miss out on valuable opportunities that make us regret later.

In contrast, the more we act with courage, the more capable we feel, and over time our lives expand rather than contract. We’re able to move beyond fear into the possibility of our lives.

Choosing fear or choosing courage, it's ultimately your choice. Just remember that the little choices you make everyday matters. They are driving you in one direction or the other. Each decision is important and will add up to significant results in the long run.

So choose carefully, and don’t be afraid to make the leap :)

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