Healthy Little Choices

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Almost each new year resolution consisted of eating healthy, being fit, and many other commitments of that sort. We get excited the first couple of months, then boom… we fall off track and just give up all together. It happened to many of us, including myself, which made me realize that maybe I’m doing something wrong. The truth is we make unrealistic promises that we can’t keep. You’re not going to leave your junk food obsession, for example, and turn to salads and multigrain over night. That’s just unrealistic and hard to maintain over time, which is why many of us give up because we simply don’t train ourselves, rather we proceed with actions, hardcore actions, which we are not adapted to yet.

Surely, every goal starts off with planning, training, and adapting until we gradually reach where we want to be because after all it’s a PROCESS. Nothing worth having comes easy but with the right trainings it sure will. In other words, training is a process and like any process it takes time. We train our brains and bodies by making small adjustments until we adapt, then we add more (similar to when you train your muscles at the gym aha)!

Let’s simplify this more, when the goal is to eat healthy, the required training is to make healthy adjustments/changes to your daily diet. Small adjustments are reflected through our little choices, like picking up a dark chocolate bar instead of a regular chocolate. You didn’t eliminate yourself from eating chocolate, but you surely did the right choice and as you adapt, who knows maybe you wont even think about chocolate down the road, and you’ll rather buy a pack of fresh strawberries.

Those little healthy choices will drive us to our ultimate goal; everyone has to start from somewhere, right! So next time you hit the supermarket and you are graving chips, instead of grabbing the deep fried ones, try the one that states zero trans fat or non-GMO, whatever that is on your priority healthy elements.

Same thing with gum, as some might overlook many of its most common undesirable elements, like artificial flavours and chemical sweeteners, due to its small size. There are healthier alternatives in the market like Pur Gum, that is aspartame-free and naturally sweetened with %100 xylitol. Being a conscious consumer while making healthy little choices like grabbing a dark chocolate bar or chewing a Pur Gum will ultimately adapt you into that healthy lifestyle mode. Speaking of chocolate, Pur Gum has released a new chocolate-mint flavour!

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