My Favourite Mascara of 2019 is …

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

My daily struggle

Since I was 14, I have always been on the hunt for the perfect mascara. I have the worst type of lashes ever :( My lashes are thin, straight and short. Therefore, it’s tough for me to find a mascara that works. I think for the past ten years, I have tried over 50 different types of mascara on the market, and very few of them have worked on my stubborn lashes.

I have almost given up on mascara and thought that eyelash extension was my only option. However, I dread at the thought of spending $70-$100 every month on a procedure that technically makes my lashes look 'perfect' for only two weeks.

So that's basically my life story: I bought a new mascara, it doesn't work -> I feel discouraged and get an eyelash extension -> once the extension is gone, I feel like trying a new mascara -> it doesn't work again -> another extension. And the cycle continues.

But I'm so glad to say that ...

Things have changed! I was in the mall the other day and visited Sephora as usual (it’s my favourite store in the world, I always go there at least once every two weeks - I'm #obsessed, I know :)

I asked one of their sales associates if they got a mascara that makes my lashes look good without any smudging, clumping or heaviness, and of course, work for my thin, short, straight lashes.

Right away, she recommended the Super Fan Mascara by Smashbox Cosmetics. The name itself, 'Super Fan' grabbed my attention!

Intrigued, I quickly looked up the review of the mascara, and after seeing over 800 positive reviews on the Sephora website, I decided to take a leap of faith and purchased it.

As soon as I got home, I eagerly open the mascara and apply it to my lashes! And the result? Voila, a picture's worth a thousand words!


The mascara gives my lashes so much length, volume, and even lifts my lashes a little bit. I've never had a mascara like this before. 

The brush literally fans my lashes out and truly reaches stubborn lashes in the corners of my eyes. Best of all, everyone thought that I had false lashes on!!

I'M ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE! It's officially at the top of my favourite mascara list of 2019! I highly recommend anyone who has the same type of lashes as me to give Super Fan a try!

P/S: props to Sephora Canada sales associates :) Thank you! 

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