My New Holy Grail! - Why You Need a Brow Gel

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

My brows are basically non-existent! I don’t feel confident going out if I don’t put anything on my brow to make them look darker or fuller. I’ve always used brow pencils but I feel like they don’t create enough of a natural look that I want. I mean they make my brows look dark and full from afar, but if you come close, you’ll see that it doesn’t really blend well with my brow hair. :(

The other day, my friend suggested me to try brow gels after hearing me complaining about my eyebrow pencil running out and that I needed a new product that worked for my browx. She swore by the Gimme Brow Gel from Benefits and encouraged me to give it a try. I took her advice and bought it just to see what’s the hype is all about. I’d never used a brow gel before so I was super excited to put it on for the first time!

So… what is a brow gel?

Brow gels are basically mascara for your brows. They look quite similar to a mascara, except for the fact that the wand and the brush are smaller and they use less formula. They help create a defined look for your brows, make them look fuller and usually blend in well with your natural hair.

The results? I felt in love!

Best of all, it has tiny microfibers in the formula that adhere to my skin and blend in with my natural brow hair, that’s why my brows look so natural!

Another thing I also love about it is that it’s also easy to put on. I particularly like the tiny brush, it feels good in my hand, and is super easy to use. Moreover, the application is buildable, meaning you can keep applying until you achieve your desired look without it drying too fast or smudging.

As you can see in the picture, my brow looks darker, fuller and makes my facial features look much more defined. I highly recommend Gimme Brow Gel if you’re new to the world of brow products and don’t know which one to choose from or simply just looking for a little boost to your beauty routine :)

P/S: thank you Benefits for creating such a great product! You’re the best!

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