What Is Self-Care And How Is That Different From Personal Care?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

We all get confused between the two terminologies as they somewhat overlap. Not really, but many think they do and this is where confusion falls in.

Personal Care

Let’s start with personal care which is associated with the products we use on a regular basis. We all want to look and feel good, so we go buy the newest hair serum or face moisturizer that is chemical free and cruelty free. Great! We try it, fall in love with it. Our hair and skin feel great and we are happy! But I feel we still need more than just that.


Personal products are great to use and there are so many good options on the market to choose from. Products have the power to make us feel and look the best version of ourselves, but no matter how many products we use, our skin won't be as glowing and our hair won’t be at strong if we are not eating right, sleeping right, or excreting right.

Yup, now that’s self care, it goes way beyond the use of products. It’s very affordable to acquire but very valuable.

Let’s simplify it and talk about flowers! The flower looks beautiful and luminous because its roots are well taken care of by delivering the appropriate amount of water and sun light, but now imagine those elements taken away from the flower. The roots will grow weaker and the flower will wilts eventually. Well, think of personal acre as the roots to that flower.

Self care doesn't involve products, but it's the act of taking care of our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. How we take care of ourselves determine how great we look and feel. There are many affordable ways to do so, but let us start with these main three factors:

First is eating right; staying away from junk food and eating healthy meals are a key to a healthy body. After all, food is our fuel and that fuel has to be good to keep us going, so ensuring that your meals provide you with sufficient protein, fibre, and vitamins is very important.

Second, we all need to recharge by sleeping. Getting a good night sleep will help clear out the skin and improve overall skin health and lower stress hormones. Have you ever heard of the saying, “I need to get my beauty sleep.” Well, now we know what it means.

Third comes exercising and keeping the body active. An active lifestyle keeps our blood circulation intact and our body fit, but aside from the physical aspects it surely helps clear our mind and alleviate emotional stress.

The three rituals - eating, sleeping, and exercising - if done right, will make any product you put on looks even 10 times better. Now, let us treat ourselves with a great skin care product to celebrate our self care achievement; skin care is definitely my favourite part when it comes to personal care :)

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