Why Are Daily Rituals So Incredibly Important?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

I woke up in a bad mood today.

I woke up feeling like an absolute disaster. Not only did I wake up late, feeling groggy and curse my alarm clock, but I also didn't have enough time to do my morning routines and had breakfast. I rushed out of the door and hit my foot against the door! Ouchhh! Like really?!!

The whole day I was feeling tired, distracted and grumpy. I felt like a totally different person. Like the worst version of myself. What's wrong with me?

But I realized that it doesn't happen randomly that sometimes we feel anxious, irritated, grumpy or depressed out of nowhere.

In moments like that, take a step back and assess how you feel and the reasons you feel that way. Maybe it's deeper than that.

The reasons behind all of this

I believe that those negative emotions are signs that our body wants to tell us that it needs some rest, that it wants to take a break, that it wants to be pampered and taken care of.

So really assess whether you've been taking good care of yourself lately. Your body is precious. It deserves a proper diet, 8 hours of sleep, regular exercise and occasional pampering like a warm bath or a nice mani-pedi.

When I look at my situation, I realized that I'm in a bad mood not because my life sucks, but because I've been running on only 5-6 hours of sleep for the past week, I haven't done yoga and meditated for almost a week, and I haven't had physical exercise in half a month. That's why it all adds up and makes me feel miserable all of a sudden.

Now I know better, and I'm coming back to my wellness routine starting from tonight. And I'm sure that by tomorrow morning, I'll be back again to my best self and feeling great again.

So… why are daily rituals important?

Why is it that without my morning routine, I feel like my day is already doomed from the start? What roles do rituals play in our life?

We all know that it's so important to start the day right. The morning is when we set the tone for the rest of our day. I personally think that what we do in the first 30 minutes after we wake up have a significant impact on how we'll feel during the day and our performance/ productivity at work and school.

If we start our day mindfully with great habits like making the bed, journaling, meditation, practicing yoga or exercising, we feel accomplished even before getting to work. Once the positive momentum is built, it's easier for us to make healthier choices and better decisions throughout the day. We're bound to feel more energetic, motivated, confident and ready for whatever challenges or tasks in front of us.

My daily mindful morning routines start with 15 minutes writing on my gratitude journal, 10 minutes doing yoga and end with 5 minutes meditating. When I start the day by writing about what I'm grateful for, I intentionally focus my attention to what's going well in my life, and as they say, whatever you focus on, you attract more of it into your life! By stretching and practicing yoga, my body gets more flexible and healthy. And by meditating, I'm able to give myself the quiet time I need to really focus inwards and check in with my breath and my body. As a result, I always feel calmer and more rested after a good meditating session.

With these morning rituals in place, I always feel happy and ready for the day! How about you? Do you have daily routines? What activities help you feel better?

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