Why Do We Love Some Brands More Than Others?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

What makes you associate yourself with certain brands versus others? Is it the quality, the price, the look... or perhaps the integrity of the brand that grabs your attention?


I think the quality is the most crucial factor for me when choosing a product. The product has to be able to deliver on what it advertised. If I use a product that doesn't live up to my expectations, it has no chance of getting on my favourite list. Yes, I may buy it once, but that's it. Never again! I'm sure you can relate. In short, quality matters.


We can both love a brand which we either can or cannot afford. There's some certain appeal of a product with a high price tag. It creates the impression that the product is of a higher calibre, and by buying it, we elevate our sense of self and feel more noble and exceptional. At the same time, using products that we can (easily) afford, over time, forms a relationship with us because we use them on a regular basis, so it's easy to get familiar and attached to them.


Looks are undeniably important. After all, we're all visual creatures. The design of some products is definitely a make or break for a lot of people. I'm sure everyone has their own preferences. As for me, I always seem to be attracted to brands with a creative and elegant style, whether it be the fonts/colours of their design, their packaging, or simply how they organize and curate their Instagram feed.

Overall, the aesthetics/ product design plays a vital role in getting people's initial attention, the price determines whether they will purchase the product or not, and the quality is what makes them decide to stick to the company and become a loyal customer or avid fan.

Here are some of my favourite brands on earth: Microsoft, Apple, H&M, Google, Pur Gum, Benefit, and Glossier.

What are some of your favourite brands that you'd like me to collaborate with? I'd love to know!

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